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Brio Health Bar

Dining in the Sun

Taste of the Sea

Healthy and Delicious

Extensive Breakfast Buffet

Authentic Mexican Cantina

Overlooking the Golf Course

Tropical Vacation Setting

Sweet or Savory Crêpes

Traditional Mexican Cuisine

A Tour of Fresh Ceviches Nutritious and Energizing Snacks

For a taste of the sea, set your sights on the al fresco eatery Blue Fish. Here you can enjoy air conditioning and find the best of the coast, including lobster tacos, seafood burritos, and a wide selection of ceviches made with fresh fish or shrimp and marinated in lime juice and spices.


Mango Maracuya

Made with pulp from the freshest mango and passion fruit and sweetened with honey, this delicious fruit smoothie is a cool treat on a warm day.

Location & Hours

In Brio Spa & Fitness Center

Monday – Sunday 7 AM – 3 PM
Chef: Jaqueline Lizardi