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Tacos Break

Dining in the Sun

Taste of the Sea

Healthy and Delicious

Extensive Breakfast Buffet

Authentic Mexican Cantina

Overlooking the Golf Course

Tropical Vacation Setting

Sweet or Savory Crêpes

Traditional Mexican Cuisine

Fast and Casual Mexican Dining

If you want to enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine—tacos, quesadillas, volcanes, tortas and “frijoles charros”—in a relaxed and al fresco setting, check out this great restaurant.


Tacos al Pastor

Taste the authentic flavors of Mexico with this dish featuring pork that is marinated in dried chilies, spices, and pineapple, slow-roasted on a spit, and then shredded for you to enjoy in fresh tortillas.

Location & Hours

At the Nicklaus Design Golf Course

Monday – Sunday 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Chef: Javier Pichón